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Gissmatic is supporting your SIEMENS installed-base through our spare parts services.

Any products will progress through a sequence of stages from market entry to active stage, maturity and discontinuation, also known as product life cycle (Read more about Siemens Product Life Cycle Management here).

A phase-out or discontinued product can be particular hard to find as it will be no longer supplied by manufacturer. In order to maintain your installed-base, Gissmatic and its partner in Germany have a very large stock of Siemens phase-out or discontinued products.

Even in certain emergency situation (e.g. machine breakdown) where you need phase-out or discontinued part as quickly as possible in order to minimize your production downtime, we can provide you our solution with new or refurbished part.


All phase-out or discontinued parts supplied by us are functionally tested in our partner’s test center in Germany and come with 12 months warranty.

We can supply the following phase-out or discontinued parts:


SIMATIC S7-200 (6ES72)

All phase-out or discontinued parts from S7-300/S7- 400 range (6ES7)

 x5/x7/x70/x77 HMI Operator Panels, Touch Panels,                Multi Panels, Mobile Panels (6AV3/ 6AV6/ 6AV7)


Drives: Micromaster, Midimaster, Masterdrives,            SIMOREG (6SE3/ 6SE6/ 6SE7/ 6SE9/ 6RA2/ 6RA7)




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