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Here you will find information on Siemens’ product life cycle management as well as how Gissmatic can support you.


Siemens automation and drives products follow an overall product lifecycle of 3 (three) major stages:


Stage 1

In this stage product is actively sold and available as standard product in the current Siemens catalogues.

Examples: S7-1200/1500, HMI Comfort Panels, SINAMICS G.


Stage 2

Product’s availability under phase-out (maturity) stage (10 years) cannot be guaranteed. The following constellation could happen:


Product is available as NEW part as long as stock is still available.


Product is manufactured to order, which means long delivery time.


Product is only available as REFURBISHED part.


Product is only available on one-to-one EXCHANGE.


Product can only be REPAIRED.

Examples: S7-200, x77 Generation HMI Panels (e.g. MP377/MP277, etc), Masterdrives, SIMOREG.


Stage 3

In this stage spare part is no longer available from Siemens nor will Siemens offer any repair or technical support on the discontinued product.

Examples: SIMATIC S5, SIMATIC C7, SIMATIC M7, x70 Generation HMI Panels (e.g. TP/OP 270, OP170B, etc).


What drives maturing a Product?

Component obsolescence (e.g. Semiconductor technology advancements)

Software changes (e.g. DOS, Windows)

Technology trends (e.g. PROFINET, IT technology, new standard).


Maintain Your Installed-Base

​Based on your business decision you may keep your existing system running as long as possible before you decide to migrate to the latest system or even decommission the system.

In this case Gissmatic can supply you almost all discontinued parts (New or Refurbished parts – depending on stock availability and market condition).

Even in worst case situation when no spare part is available or can be found anymore, we can help you to repair the defect part.


How Gissmatic can support your installed-base?

Migrate Your Installed-Base

​When you decide to migrate your existing system to the latest system, Gissmatic can provide you consulting support and can work out a proposal to migrate to the latest innovative system which will improve your productivity, reduce your operational cost and sustain your business operations.


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