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Focusing  on  SIEMENS automation and drives 

from legacy system to the latest innovative systems and providing best in class PROFIBUS / PROFINET troubleshooting and maintenance tools from HMS.

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​With 20 years of extensive products and systems knowledge on SIEMENS automation systems, we are not only just supplying you hardware and software, but also in-depth technical consultation and services to make sure that you are using the right components and systems which fit to your requirements in terms of productivity, flexibility, efficiency and reduce your cost right from the beginning.

Our Portfolio:
– Support & Consulting Services

– Spare Parts Services

– Repair Services

– Retrofit & Modernization Services

– Training Services











- TOP SIEMENS Partner in Southeast Asia 2019 - 2023

- TOP SIEMENS National Approved Partner 2017 - 2023

- TOP SIEMENS Factory Automation Sales 2017, 2018, 2019

- TOP SIEMENS Process Automation Sales 2018

- TOP SIEMENS General Motion Control Sales 2018

- TOP SIEMENS Control Products Sales 2020

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