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With SIRIUS, Siemens offers you a unique comprehensive portfolio for every industrial control application. The major advantages: With their modular design, Siemens products can be planned and built into a control cabinet in a very simple way. They are especially easy to integrate into distributed systems.

SIRIUS Modular System


Switching Devices

Contactors and Contactor Assemblies

SIRIUS 3RW Softstarters

Solid-State Switching Devices

Protection Equipment

​​Circuit Breakers SIRIUS 3RV

Thermistor Motor Protection SIRIUS 3RN2

Overload Relays (Thermal SIRIUS 3RU and Electronic 3RB)

Motor Starters and Load Feeders

Monitoring and Control Devices

​Motor Management and Control (SIMOCODE pro)

Timing Relays, Monitoring Relays, Coupling Relays

Safety System

SIRIUS 3SK/ 3TK28 Safety Relay

SIRIUS 3RK3 Modular Safety System

Position and Safety Switches

For operation in Control Cabinet

For operation in the Field

Mechanical Position and Safety Switches 3SE5/ 3SF1

Non-Contact Safety Switches (RFID/ Magnetic)

Commanding and Signalling Devices

​SIRIUS ACT Push Buttons and Signalling Devices

Two-Hand Operation Consoles SIRIUS ACT 3SU18

Cable-Operated Switches SIRIUS 3SE7, 3SF2

Foot Switches SIRIUS 3SE2/ 3SE3

Signalling Columns SIRIUS 8WD4

Integrated Signal Lamps SIRIUS 8WD5

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