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Siemens automation systems provide you with a future-proof answer to increasingly complex plant and machinery requirements. Engineered to meet the needs of all industry sectors in a virtually limitless range of tasks, the superiority of Siemens systems provides peak efficiency, extensive flexibility and high cost effectiveness – in every application.

LOGO! is the perfect choice as a fast, uncomplicated and space-saving solution for basic control tasks. LOGO! has long been a constant as an intelligent logic module for small automation projects.


      Through easy installation,

      with a minimum of wiring efforts

      with convenient programming via LOGO!                     


Soft Comfort, many solutions for basic machines or plants, in building automation or for a variety of applications all the way into the home can be easily implemented. 

LOGO! Logic Module

Logo! Logic Module
Basic Controllers


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Compact automation solution with requirements for integrated communication and technology functions often combined with cost effectiveness. 


Complete production automation and applications for medium-sized and high-end machines with high demands in terms of performance, communication, flexibility and technology functions. 


Machines with distributed architecture, series machines, with limited space requirements for the mid-performance range.


Machines in the high performance range which require maximum precision and speed as well as a PC connection. 

Basic Controllers portfolio by Siemens

SIMATIC Controllers offer the intelligent choice for your automation tasks

SIMATIC S7-1200 basic controllers impress with their comprehensive range of technological functions and integrated IOs as well their particularly compact space-efficient design. They are the intelligent choice for all everyday automation tasks with a small project scope.

A decisive advantage is the integration of the S7-1200 in the Totally Integrated Automation Portal(TIA Portal): SIMATIC controllers and SIMATIC panels thus access a common database, a uniform operating concept and central services. For you, this means significantly less engineering work.


The user-friendly and innovative operability of the TIA Portal as well as the integrated system diagnostics contribute to efficient working.

Advanced Controllers



Advanced Controllers portfolio by Siemens


With its many technical inno-vations, the SIMATIC S7-1500 is a milestone in automation and is convincing in terms of system performance and usability. 

Small series machines profit from this as well as complex systems with high requirements in terms of performance and functionality for data processing and communication. 

With fast signal processing and a variety of built-in communication interfaces, the high-end CPU 1518 provides high productivity and simple integration of office and plant communication.

The S7-1500 is also available in a compact design.


SIMATIC S7-300 is especially designed for system solutions in the manufacturing industry, for example, in the automotive and packaging industries. 


The wide range of modules can be used task-specific for central extensions or building decen-tralized structures, and enables cost-effective storage of replacement parts.


Within the SIMATIC Controller range of products, the S7-400  is used both for system solutions in manufacturing and in process automation.


SIMATIC S7-400 is especially suitable for dataintensive tasks, such as those in the process industry.


In the manufacturing industry, for example, it enables high processing speeds and deter-ministic response times for short machine cycle times.


Distributed Controllers

Distributed Controllers Portfolio by Siemens


SIMATIC ET 200SP Open Controller


For SIMATIC ET 200SP, inter-face modules with integrated CPU and PROFINET connection are available.
The functionality of the CPUs corresponds to that of the SIMATIC S7-1500. 
Using the three integrated Ethernet ports, various connection systems can be realized. Connection to 
a superior CPU is realized ana-logous to a standard interface module thanks to the iDevice functionality. 
The fail-safe ET 200SP CPUs facilitate the processing of standard and safety program. They are certified for functional safety in accordance with
EN 61508 (2nd edition) and are suitable for safety-related appli-cations up to SIL 3 in accor-dance with IEC 62061 and PL e in accordance with ISO 13849.


The SIMATIC ET 200SP open controller as the first controller of this type combines the functions of a PC-based soft-ware controller with visualiza-tion, Windows applications and central I/Os in a compact de-vice. 
The functionality of the
ET 200SP open controller corresponds to that of the
S7-1500. It is flexibly expan-dable by standard ET-200SP modules and is optimized for machines with distributed architecture.
There is a failsafe variant of the Open Controller as well.


SIMATIC ET 200pro is a very compact, rugged and powerful I/O system in degree of protec-tion IP65/67. CPUs based on S7-1500 and Interface modules with CPU functionality  based on S7-300 for connection to PROFINET or PROFIBUS are available both as standard and fail-safe version. 
The portfolio is rounded off by
a comprehensive module spectrum. In addition to power modules and digital as well as analog signal modules, motor starters and an RFID module are available. Thanks to its rugged design, ET 200pro is also applicable with increased mechanical loads.


Software Controllers

Software Controller portfolio by Siemens

SIMATIC S7-1500 
Software Controller

SIMATIC S7-1500 
Software Controller ODK


The SIMATIC S7-1500  Software Controller offers the advantages of the SIMATIC S7-1500 standard controller on high-performance industrial PCs. As a result, you will benefit from maximum user friendliness. 

Use the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal for efficient engineering.


The SIMATIC ODK 1500S supports the development of Windows and real-time library functions for the SIMATIC S7-1500 Software Controller and enables the integration of Code C++ higher-level languages.


SIMATIC WinAC RTX is the SIMATIC S7-300/400 compatible software controller for PC-based automation solutions and permits real-time capable, deterministic control functions to be carried out on the PC, as WinAC RTX F 
even for failsafe applications.


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SIMATIC ET 200 systems are multifunctional, modular and precisely scalable systems for distributed automation. Siemens distributed I/O systems are ideal in control cabinets, at the machine, and in hazardous explosive areas.

All products within the range can be integrated into your existing automation system via PROFIBUS or PROFINET.


The most versatile solutions in IP 20 

With the SIMATIC ET 200, the widest range of I/O systems for solutions in the cabinet is available. The modular design allows the ET 200 system to be scaled up and expanded in easy and small steps: digital and analog inputs/outputs, intelligent modules with CPU functionality, safety technology, motor starters, frequency converters, and diverse technology modules.

I/O Systems of the latest generation

SIMATIC ET 200SP and ET 200MP are part of the new generation of automation devices taking full advantage of the new level of integration offered by the TIA Portal Engineering Framework, the S7-1200 and S7-1500 controllers and Basic and Comfort Panels of the latest generation.

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The SIMATIC ET 200SP I/O system is a scalable and highly flexible, distributed I/O system.


The IO system, with its compact design, guarantees the most economical use of the control cabinet.


The ET 200MP I/O system is scalable and is used both as centralized I/O for the Advanced controller S7-1500 and in distributed configurations with ET 200MP Interface Modules.


Tried and tested I/O systems

For existing configurations or special applications in combination with SIMATIC S7-300/400 controllers or for use in hazardous areas the ET 200M and ET 200iSP I/O systems offer a tried and tested automation solution e.g. for the PCS 7 process control system.



The SIMATIC ET 200iSP is typically used in production facilities of the process industry and offers optimum integration into PCS 7 and other control systems. The intrinsically safe I/O system is suited for direct installation in areas subject to gas or dust explosion hazards.


SIMATIC ET 200M is the modular I/O station  with high density-channel applications especially in connection with SIMATIC S7-300/400 controllers.Applicable Ex analog input or output modules with HART optimize the ET 200M for use in process engineering.


Tried and tested I/O systems

SIMATIC ET 200 systems for use outside a control cabinet are shock-, dirt- and water-resistant. They are available in a range of models, from the compact block I/O to multifunctional modular systems. You save on supplementary components and space, reduce your cabling requirements, and benefit from extremely short response times.

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The rugged I/O with particularly compact design, low space requirements and weight, is specially designed for distributed control electronics in tight spaces and involving motion.



Modular system characterized by a comprehensive range of modules: power modules, CPUs and interface modules, digital and analogue I/O modules, motor starters, frequency converters and an RFID module.



Low-cost, space-saving block I/Os with digital and analog modules and PROFINET connection with 2-port switch in each module


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With SIMATIC, users rely on an integrated engineering environment. Efficient software supports users over the entire life cycle of the machine or plant – from the planning and design stages, through configuring and programming, all the way to commissioning, operation and upgrading.

With its integration capability and harmonized interfaces, SIMATIC software permits a high degree of data consistency – throughout the entire engineering process.

STEP 7 (TIA Portal) - Controller software of the new generation

SIMATIC STEP 7 (TIA Portal) continues the success story of SIMATIC STEP 7. With SIMATIC STEP 7 (TIA Portal) users configure, program, test and diagnose the basic, advanced and distributed controllerss of each generation, whether it is PLC- or PC-based, incl. Software controllers.

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STEP 7 Basic (TIA Portal) 

STEP 7 Professional (TIA Portal)

STEP 7 (TIA Portal) Options

The price-optimized subset of STEP 7 controller software in the TIA Portal for the Basic Controller SIMATIC S7-1200, including the HMI-Software WinCC Basic


The comprehensive software solution for programming SIMATIC Controllers with a vast number of integrated functions.


Functional supplements to the Standard Controller Software, e.g. for failsafe applications or technological tasks


Options for Diagnostics
and Service

Options for Programming
and Design


STEP 7 V.5.x - the proven solution with tried and tested functionality

SIMATIC STEP 7 is the world's best known and most widely used engineering software in industrial automation.

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The proven Programming Software for SIMATIC S7-300 / S7-400 and SIMATIC WinAC , and additional editors available as individual components or as a complete package STEP 7 Professional.


In addition to the 5 programming languages of STEP 7 Professional SIMATIC offers further options for programming and design, e.g. for failsafe applications


To keep related costs low, the use of diagnostics tools is recommended. Process diagnostics support maintenance personnel with troubleshooting and fault avoidance.


Programming Devices ( Field PG)

For mobile operations in industrial plants, the SIMATIC Field PG offers both rugged hardware and pre-installed TIA Portal engineering software for fast and efficient configuring, commissioning, service and maintenance.

The SIMATIC Field PG hereby offers all interfaces required for these tasks: For connecting to the automation process, the SIMATIC Field PG is equipped both with a PROFIBUS interface and two high-speed PROFINET interfaces. SIMATIC memory cards can be programmed directly in corresponding slots.

The SIMATIC Field PG is designed to withstand shocks and vibrations and to resist electromagnetic radiation in the industrial environment close to machines.

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