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Because of their high reliability, Siemens SITOP power supply units are globally recognized for their high reliability and for their coping with critical network conditions.


Siemens full range of switched-mode power supply units provides a controlled 24 V DC power supply and other input voltages. The unique spectrum of DC UPS and add-on modules extends our power supply range to protect the 24 V supply against mains problems and problems on the DC side. SITOP is also top-notch when it comes to efficiency, thanks to an efficiency rating of up to 95%. And in terms of integration, complete integration in Totally Integrated Automation and the TIA Portal via PROFINET gives you unique opportunities for engineering and diagnostics.

SITOP COMPACT-The Slim Power Supply for Control Boxes

LOGO!Power - The Flat Power Supply For Distribution Boards

SITOPlite - The Low-Cost Basic Power Supply

SITOP compact are slim and highly efficient power supplies for the lower power range. They are ideally suited for decentralized applicatiors 


The miniature power supply units i the LOGO! 8 module design take up very little space but offer lots of power. They can be depolyed in a large number of application sin the lower power range. 


SITOP smart- The Powerful

Standard Power Supply

SITOP modular - The Technology Power Supply for Demanding Solutions

SITOP lite is the power supply series for basic requirements in the industrial environment, offering all the important functions at a low cost-without compromising quality and reliability. 


SITOP PSU8600- The Modular Power Supply System with Integrated PROFINET Communication

SITOP smart is the optimal power supply for many 24 V and 12 V applications, featuring compact design, powerful performance, and low price. 


SITOP modular provides maximum functionality and reliability for use in complex plants and machines. 


The modular SITOP PSU8600 power supply system is completely integrated into Totally integrated Automation and is integrated directly into networked machines and systems via its Ethernet/PROFINET interface. 


SITOP in SIMATIC design - the optimal power supply for SIMATIC S7 and more

Special Design and Uses- Power Supplies for Specific Tasks 

Add on modules - for increasing system availability to all-round protection

The design and functionality of the original SIMATIC power supplies merge into the PLC network. Of course, they also supply other leads reliably with 24 V. 


DC UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supplies 

Always reliable, even when the power fails the maintenance-free DC UPS modules with capacitors enable 24 V buffering in the minutes range and the DC UPS modules with batteries enable buffering in the hours range. These can be incorporated into the system via Ethernet/ PROFINET


Restricted installation conditions, harsh environmental conditions, or special input and output voltages: these standard power supplies meet even exceptional requirements. 


A power supply unit on its own cannot guarantee fault free 24 V supply. Power failures, extreeme variations in the mains voltage, or a faulty load can bring plant operations to a standstill. The add-on modules offer reliable protection against interference on this primary and secondary side. 


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